(2001 USA) Regional Hospital, Vermont: The Framework article is offered by a medical librarian to caregivers looking for help with typical dilemmas of patient/family relationships – to help answer difficult questions like, “Is honesty an absolute in delivering a diagnosis/prognosis to a terminally ill patient?”

(2004 Canada) Regional Health Authority, Central Manitoba: The Framework article is reprinted by an Ethics Working Group to start developing an “ethics consultation process [to] sort through personal and professional principles in our day-to-day practice in health care.” (Request for permission received from a Program Leader, Mental Health & Palliative Care)

(2004 USA) University of Arkansas Medical Sciences: The Framework article is incorporated into a Residency program seminar for doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and related healthcare workers.

(2005 USA) The Framework is incorporated into a chapter on professionalism in a textbook for polysomnographic technologists, California

(2005/2006 United Kingdom) All of the Framework principles are used verbatim as the foundational principles of a Code of Ethics for the Board of Directors of The Children’s Rehabilitation Centre of Essex County [also listed under Codes of Ethics]

(2006 USA) University of Kansas Medical Center: The Framework article is included in class materials for the School of Nursing’s course “History and Philosophy of Nursing”

(2007 Canada) Cornwall Community Hospital, Ontario: The Framework is used by an Ethics Committee and a cross-functional employee task force to develop a code of ethics and hospital ethics program [also listed under Codes of Ethics]

(2007 Canada) Hay River Health & Social Services Authority, Northwest Territories: The Framework is used by an ethics committee to agree on a common language for ethics as a resource for healthcare and social services practitioners

(2007 USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing: The Framework article is assigned as reading and incorporated into lectures for an undergraduate course

(2007 Canada) Cornerstone Health Education Centre, Kelowna, BC: The Framework is used in course curriculum on “application of ethics as a caregiver” in a Health Care Attendant Program (care aides in residential and home care)

(2019 Canada) West Country Family Service Association, Clearwater County, Alberta: The Framework and supporting materials are used by a small non-profit community organization providing healthcare services to seniors

(2020 The Philippines) College of Allied Medical Professions, University of the Philippines, Manila: The Framework is used to teach “Ethics for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology” and as a basis for a discussion on ethical principles

A complete list of the most interesting 68 organisations to use Colero’s ethics framework