Adventures in Ethics

Coming Soon...

Still in draft form, Adventures in Ethics is a series of interactive ethics fables where the reader determines the plot by choosing how to resolve a fictional character's reality-based dilemmas. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, every reader of Adventures in Ethics will follow a different storyline. As the main character, you decide the best action to take at multiple plot junctures within each ethics story.

In our first fable, you will start your career at Ton-o-Fun Toys & Games. Ton-o-Fun offers a great working atmosphere, equitable pay, safe and ergonomic working conditions, an on-site fitness facility and a daycare for employees’ children. You feel good about the company’s donations to local charities, and are proud of their reputation as a responsible business in the community.

Your manager clearly communicates her inspiring vision, is a supportive listener, and keeps you informed of what’s going on. She is forthright, fair, and forgiving, and a champion of your career development.  

        So... what could possibly go wrong?

Here's a quick synopsis of three stories from our first Adventures in Ethics fable, and one true story about an unethical hero.

Story 1:  Ton-o-Fun launches Cereal Killers - a children’s board game promoted on breakfast cereal boxes in the two months leading up to Hallowe’en. The object of the game is to commit as many gruesome murders as possible without being caught by the police. 

Story 2:  In Busily Embezzling Bosses, your manager appears to have stolen funds in a way that must be blatantly obvious to the executive she reports to.

Story 3:  In The Fortunate Children, critics claim that underage employees are assembling toy and game components in unsafe and unhealthy conditions at Ton-o-Fun’s overseas manufacturing facility.  

Bonus Story:  If you choose to ask your uncle Jake for advice, he will tell you the story of The Unethical Hero. It’s a true story about a virtuous con artist who lied to his clients and deliberately sold them products that didn’t work. Thrown in jail three times, Uncle Jake’s hero made a fortune on the black market and bribed powerful men in government and the military to achieve his noble goals. 

In our second fable (also under development) you are Vice President of Special Projects for Money Trees Inc., a medium-sized multinational forest products company specializing in the harvesting and processing of tree-grown money. Again, very serious real-life issues are the basis for this fictional fable.

The three stories in this fable dive deeper into broader ethical issues such as economic development and the global economy versus indigenous rights, endemic bribery, insidious corporate cultures, environmental stewardship, personal integrity and positive thinking gone awry.

New story ideas and co-authors are always welcome - Contact Us!