(2002 USA) University of Phoenix, Arizona: The Framework is used in a law degree capstone course

(2002 USA) Adult Probation Department of the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County: The full UBC Framework article is distributed as a handout to support an ethics training session for 50 people at a cultural symposium

(2005 USA) Society of Research Administrators International, Virginia: The Framework is incorporated into a presentation on “Ethics vs Law”

(2007 USA) The Center for American and International Law, Piano, Texas: The Framework article is distributed to 80+ lawyers and judges from 31 countries to stimulate discussion of professional ethics, with an ultimate goal to “identify, if possible, general standards for legal ethics that cross national borders”

(2008 Canada) Office of the Ethics Advisor, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa: The Framework is used as a teaching tool and background reading in a course to provide managers with “guidance/information/direction on how to apply principles of ethics, personal and professional, in their decision making.”

(2010 Turkey) Commercial Law Division, Akdeniz University, Antalya: The Framework is used to draft “The Ethical Principles and Rules of Akdeniz University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences” [also listed under Education and Codes of Ethics]

(2012 USA) Orange County Community Corrections Division, Florida: The Framework article is used “as the basis for an internal training session on ethics” [also listed under Government]

(2014 USA) Lawyer J. Michael Slocum, Esquire, Springfield, Virginia: The Framework is used in its entirety in a presentation on “Ethics, Law and Regulatory Affairs: Comparisons and Contrasts”

A complete list of the most interesting 68 organisations to use Colero’s ethics framework