(1998 & 2004 Czech Republic) : Two American professors use the Framework to conduct seminars for Czech business professionals and Economics students [also listed under Business]

(2002 Turkey) Sabancy University, Istanbul: The entire Framework article is reproduced (with permission) in a textbook called “Beyond Boundaries” for students studying English [also listed under Education]

(2003, Kenya) United States International University: The Framework is used as a basis for research into declining ethical standards in Kenya

(2004 USA) Chicano Federation of San Diego County, California: The Framework is presented and lauded at a seminar on “Ethics and Leadership Challenges” by a Senior Attorney and a Superior Court Judge [also listed under Associations]

(2005 USA) Saint Mary’s College of California: The full Framework article is included in a standardized syllabus for a course entitled Managing in a Multicultural Environment, and tested in class with 200 adult students who were asked if there was any need to add, delete or clarify any of The Framework principles. When asking the author’s permission, the professor wrote, “I would be very surprised if our adult students did not add to the list.” However, no suggestions were received. [also listed under Education]

(2006 Senegal) Suffolk University, Dakar: The Framework article is distributed to undergraduates studying international business ethics

(2007 Malaysia) The Framework article is used to “create awareness about ethics amongst college-level business students” in a “multi-racial and multi-religious society”

A complete list of the most interesting 68 organisations to use Colero’s ethics framework