(1998 South Africa) First user request ever, by phone, from the University of Cape Town: The Framework is used with permission by a professor to “deliver ethics instruction” for Engineering students

(1999 USA) Richard Stockton College of New Jersey: The Framework article is used as the basis for a class on Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Business

(2000 USA) American Forum for Global Education, New York, NY: The full Framework article is reprinted in Issues in Global Education, a publication to help teachers, college instructors, and public and private school curriculum specialists to understand ethics and globalization in the classroom.

(2000 USA) Faculty Center at Brigham Young University, Utah: The Framework article is published as a guide in a handbook for teaching assistants

(2001 Russia) Moscow State Pedagogical University: The Framework article is used (with permission) as part of a course in “Values and Beliefs” for future English teachers, and in a related course book

(2001 USA) Minnesota State University Graduate Studies, USA: The Professional Ethics principles are used in a “Communications and Ethics” presentation to educators

(2002 Turkey) Sabancy University, Istanbul: The entire Framework article is reproduced (with permission) in a textbook called “Beyond Boundaries” for students studying English [also listed under Cultures]

(2002 USA) Oklahoma State University, Tulsa: The Framework article is used as the basis for discussion in a Humanities seminar on business ethics

(2002 USA) Phoenix College, Arizona: The Framework article is incorporated into course material and a textbook for “Critical and Evaluative Reading and Writing in a Global Society”

(2002 United Kingdom) Salford University, Manchester: The Framework article is used to frame curriculum development for a module on Ethics for business students

(2003 USA) Lansing and Jackson Community Colleges (Michigan), and Daeman College (New York): The Framework is incorporated into undergraduate courses on managerial ethics and managerial decision making [also listed under Corporations/Business]

(2003 Canada) Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario: The Framework article is used to support an Ethics course for Telecommunications Technologists

(2005 USA) St. Louis Community College, Missouri: The Framework is used in an ‘Interactive Ethics Workshop’ for engineering students

(2005 USA) Saint Mary’s College of California: The full Framework article is included in a standardized syllabus for a course entitled Managing in a Multicultural Environment, and tested in class with 200 adult students who were asked if there was any need to add, delete or clarify any of The Framework principles. When asking the author’s permission, the professor wrote, “I would be very surprised if our adults students did not add to the list.” However, no suggestions were received. [also listed under Cultures]

(2006 USA) Concordia (Lutheran) University at Austin, Texas: The Framework is used to help Masters students in Education create codes of ethics for the course “Ethics and the Teacher in Society” [also listed under Codes of Ethics]

(2006 Australia) Department of Education, Tasmania: The Framework article is used to deliver ‘values education’ for primary and secondary school teachers

(2009 Australia) Curtin University Business School, Perth: The Framework article is used in the curriculum to teach ethics to “about 500” undergraduate Accounting students

(2010 Turkey) Commercial Law Division, Akdeniz University, Antalya: The Framework is used to draft “The Ethical Principles and Rules of Akdeniz University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences” [also listed under Law and Codes of Ethics]

(2011 USA) Hutchinson Community College, Kansas: The Framework article is used to explore students’ value systems and personal ethics, and how it can influence their decision making (part of an Ecology course)

A complete list of the most interesting 68 organisations to use Colero’s proposed ethics framework