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(1998 & 2004 Czech Republic) : Two American professors use the Framework to conduct seminars for Czech business people and Economics students [also listed under Cultures]

(2002 USA) Atlanta Women in International Trade: The Framework is used in an attorney’s speech on business ethics [also listed under Associations]

(2002 USA) St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa: The Framework article is distributed to MBA students as part of a course on “Ethical Issues in Marketing”

(2003) A link to the full Framework article and a summary of its contents are included as one of two “Articles about Ethics” offered by private educator Cengage Unlimited (South-Western Learning/Thomson Publishing) on a page of references related to “Managerial Ethics and Corporate Responsibility”

(2003 USA) Lansing and Jackson Community Colleges (Michigan), and Daeman College (New York): The Framework is incorporated into undergraduate courses on managerial ethics and managerial decision making [also listed under Education]

(2011 Canada) Conference Board of Canada: The Framework article is used as reference material for ‘The Better Workplace Conference’

(2011 Malaysia) Sarjana, a publication of the University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: The Framework article is referenced and paraphrased to support arguments in the article “Towards a Code of Ethics in Music: Issues in Education, Music Business and Industrial Practice” [also listed under Codes of Ethics]

(2012 & 2018 The Philippines) Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX): The complete UBC Framework article is published in hard copy as the “theoretical background” to unify a book of 12 ethics case studies in “Finance & Criminology” primarily for business and business schools. The updated Framework article is republished in a hardcover 2018 version of the book entitled “Ethics: Black, White (or Gray)?” containing 50 new case studies from both government and the private sector. [also listed under Associations]

Author’s Related Teaching/Consulting Projects:

(1997–2005 Canada) The Framework is used in the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business as the basis for “Ethics and Corporate Integrity” lectures, workshops and seminars for executive and MBA students

(2000 Worldwide) The Framework is used as the conceptual basis for online interactive training modules and a series of facilitated seminars on Ethics for AMEC Foster Wheeler, a multinational company of 18,000 employees with projects worldwide.

(2003 Canada) The Framework is used again at the UBC Sauder School of Business as the ethics portion of their “Fachhochschule Liechtenstein International Program” for Liechtenstein executives: “Ethics and Corporate Integrity: Exploring ways to inspire ethics in others”

(2006 Canada) The Framework is used as the foundational model for adjunct teaching of an “Ethics in Wealth Management and the Financial Services Sector” MBA course at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie [Graduate] School of Business

Note re. Corporations:

(2002) The Universal Ethics Framework article is referenced as the theoretical model for another popular article by Larry Colero published through the UBC Centre for Applied Ethics entitled, “Five Questions Corporate Directors Should Ask

A complete list of the most interesting 68 organisations to use Colero’s ethics framework